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Oil Change Stickers Static Cling, 120pcs 2×2 Inches Oil Change Reminder Sticker for Windshield with No Residue, Clear Next Service Due Labels for Car Auto Vehicle Window

About this item

  • Static Cling Oil Change Stickers: The oil change stickers can stick to the windshield steadily with static cling, there is no adhesive left on the car window
  • Easy to Track Oil Changes: There are date, mileage, and grade info on the sticker, it’s perfect for auto shops, car services, garage, DIY, auto windows, oil change reminder stickers
  • Smooth Writable Surface: The oil change sticker comes with a smooth surface, please write with a permanent marker to guarantee a good reading effect
  • Easy to Use: Just peel off the oil change sticker from the backing paper, then record the next service due info, and stick it to the corner of the car window. Done
  • Good Value: 120 Pcs oil change stickers static cling, each label measures 2×2 inches. The stickers are designed with perforation lines for easy distribution

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