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MaryRuth Organics Nootropic Focus Supplement for Kids, USDA Organic Brain Supplement with Ginkgo Biloba & Astragalus, Brain, Memory Support Liquid Drops, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 30 Servings

About this item

  • Calm & Focus Herbal Blend for Kids: Support your child’s ability to find focus with this herbal blend. This blend contains herbs to assist your child’s mind and body by helping the body better manage stressors, calm the nervous system, and support cognition, allowing for focus, attention, and relaxation.
  • Brain Supplements for Memory and Focus: Made with Astragalus Root, Wood Betony Herb, Ginkgo Leaf, Eleuthero Root, Gotu Kola Herb, Rhodiola Root, Licorice Root, Lavender Flower, Spearmint Leaf, and Passionflower Leaf — this herbal blend is formulated for kids to support focus & attention, as well as supporting calm and relaxation.
  • Kids Focus Supplement: Our alcohol-free, liquid herbal tincture is formulated with adaptogens and nervine herbs to help calm the bodies and minds of young children. Adaptogenic and nervine herbs support the body’s ability to recover from and resist stressors and support your child’s ability to focus.
  • Easy-to-Take Liquid Drops: No more hard-to-swallow pills or capsules! Use only under adult supervision. Shake well before use. Take up to 30 drops (1 mL) 1 to 3 times a day, or as recommended by a physician or healthcare professional. Can be taken directly by mouth or added to water.
  • For Most Lifestyles: MaryRuth’s Kids Focus Attention Liquid Drops are USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Made in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Facility. Dairy Free, Nut Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Sugar Free, Kid Friendly. Clean Label Project Verified. B Corp Certified.

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