Terms of Service / Share Buy Now

All services provided by Share Buy Now are in compliance with Albania’s standards, regulations
and legislation.

Notification rules

Your notice should be placed in the category that best describes your product or service.
Before you publish your notification, you must make sure that the notification is complete and
in the appropriate category according to the characteristics specified by Share Buy Now

Some things you should keep in mind before posting your announcement:
Your notice may be rejected unless it is placed in the appropriate category.
It is forbidden in a single notice to put many articles belonging to different categories.
You have to divide the products according to their categories in the right way.
You can not add more than one product to a notice. Any notification will be made for a recent
You may not post notifications of products that you do not own or if you are not authorized by
the lawful owner. By contrast, we do not hold any responsibility.
Notifications that have the same content are considered duplicated and will be deleted.

Offensive content

A notice is considered offensive if you have:

Inappropriate content to ethnic groups, private persons or public figures.
The offensive use of historical names of ethnic groups.
Photographs and video clips with offensive content.

Share Buy Now has the right to decide whether a notice should be published or not.

Share Buy Now is not responsible for the nature and quality of the product offered. This
responsibility belongs only to the seller or buyer.

Links and recommendations

You are not allowed to include links to other notifications or links to other websites.
Links are only allowed if they refer to the specifics of the product that is on the notice.

Photos and videos

Rules for uploading photos and videos:

Photos and videos should be related to the product that is on notice.
It is not allowed to use pictures in more than one notice at a time.
Photos or videos should be the current product that is on notice.
Photos or videos should not bear the logo, company names, web pages, or any other information
that can be generally interpreted as business marketing.
You are not allowed to take photos or videos from other notifications without the permission
of the notifier, and the more you use them in your notice.
Photos or videos should not contain copyrighted material such as movie files or protected
Share Buy Now has the right to delete photos or videos from notices if they violate these
For any copyright infringement we do not hold any liability.


All content on this web site such as texts, pictures, logos, icons, downloads, and software
are the property of Share Buy Now and any use for any other activity is punishable by law.

Privacy Policy

Personal data

Share Buy Now try to protect your personal information and prevent misuse of data received by
but we can not guarantee that our safeguards will prevent third parties from unauthorized
personal data collection.

The privacy policies published on this website are based on the law “Personal Data Protection
in the Republic of Albania”.

Email and phone

Email and phone are the most common means used in communication between Share Buy Now users
and as a result, you are asked to enter your email and phone number when you record a
notification or when you open an account at sharebuynow.com
As an announcer, mentioned in the descriptive text of the notice you can be contacted via
email or phone or just one of them if you so prefer.
Share Buy Now recommends that as a communication tool be used as email and wireless (including
other means of communication) in order to facilitate and have alternatives in communication
between the seller/provider and the buyer/recipient of the service.

Cookies / Behavioral Technology

Share Buy Now uses the “cookies” of small text files stored on your computer that is
implemented in advertising systems and counts unique visitors.
This enables us to collect statistics about our visitors for internal use and to ensure that
you will not see the same advertising space as long as you are on our website.
The accompanying technology is anonymous and does not contain personal data.
If you want to disable the backup technology, you can do this in your browser settings. You
can find these adjustments in your browser’s options dialog box in the Security Tab.
Checking these adjustments means that you will not be able to use some features/features of
Share Buy Now.
Share Buy Now also utilizes technology to build market segments and improve website experience based
on user behavior. This information is anonymous and used only for marketing.

Changes in Privacy Policies

Share Buy Now enjoys the right at any time to make changes to privacy policies or service conditions
. These changes take effect from the time of their publication on the website.


We do not hold any liability for the agreement made by the seller with the buyer as well as
the buyer with the seller!