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Compressed Canned Air Duster for Computer – iDuster Disposable Electronic Keyboard Cleaner for Cleaning Duster, 2PCS(3.5oz)

About this item

  • Dust Buster for Hidden Spaces:The canned air spray stands out as an exceptional tool for forcefully removing dust and debris from the often obscured and inaccessible recesses of electronic devices, ensuring a thorough cleaning even in hidden areas.
  • Gentle Cleaning with Dust Spray Canned Air: Delivers a non-abrasive cleaning solution, ensuring the safe and gentle maintenance of your keyboard, mouse, screen, and various other electronic components, preserving their integrity and cleanliness.
  • Secure Formulation: The spray air duster for computer features a completely ozone-friendly formula, incorporating a bittering agent to discourage inhalant misuse.
  • Multifunctional Cleaning for Diverse Uses: The compressed air can duster is ideal for tidying up an extensive array of objects and surfaces, encompassing CPUs, keyboards, computer mice, workstations, laboratory apparatus, repair stations, household possessions, and even while engaged in on-site photography.
  • Handy and Compact: The pressure air can’s small size enables you to carry it anywhere, making it useful for cleaning in your office, home, car, or outdoors.

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