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Set of 2 Anlibatt ST225/75R15 Radial Trailer Tire, ST 225/75R/15 tire, 225/75/15 Trailer Tire, 10 Ply Load Range E, 117N

About this item

  • Trailer tire 225/75R15 ST 225/75R15 225 75R15; Tire Load Range: E; Ply Rating: 10 Ply Construction. Max Capacity: 2830 pounds; Maximum PSI: 80; Rim Diameter: 15″; Rim Width: 6″.Section Width:8.78 inch;
  • This trailer tire couples the strength of a bias tire with the durability and stability of a radial tire, created specifically for trailers and not intended for use on other vehicles.
  • Premium rubber-compound materials, double steel belts and full nylon plies combine for superior function and long life
  • Wheel NOT included ! Refer to your existing tire sidewall and/or trailer owner’s manual to determine the appropriate tire size and load capacity for your application. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us !
  • Warranty: Radial Trailer Tire guaranteed for one year! We offer free-exchange for any quality problems within warranty.

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