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Portable Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner: Wireless Car Vacuum with LED Light Pure Copper Motor 9000PA High Power Mini Hand Vacuum Rechargeable Dust Blower Deep Detailing Cleaning Kit for Car Home

About this item

  • Stainless Steel Filter + HEPA Filter: This car vacuum cleaner comes with two different filters. Stainless steel filter element can effectively separate large dust particles to prevent them from entering the body of the equipment. Stainless steel filter element is wear-resistant, durable and reliable. The HEPA filter ensures that 99.97% of dust particles are effectively filtered out, effectively purifying the air, preventing clogging, and maintaining optimal airflow throughout use.
  • Upgraded Cleaning Technology: The Upgraded cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a high performance aluminum fan to ensure that the vacuum cleaner is strong and stable in operation. It is also equipped with 120 watt high-power motor, up to 9kPa powerful suction. And cleaning efficiency is greatly improved, helping you quickly and easily clean dust, pet hair, sand, food debris, water stains, car seats or debris on the family sofa. Deep cleaning for your car, office and home.
  • Wireless & LED Light Design: Using advanced wireless technology, easy to carry, say goodbye to the shackles of traditional wired vacuum cleaners. The wide Angle LED light built into the vacuum cleaner can provide a good field of view, which can play a lighting role without the need to use additional lighting equipment, and the cleaning efficiency is more comprehensive. Ultra-bright LED lights can help you clearly see the dust hidden in the dark corners, without missing dust anywhere.
  • Long Battery Life & Easy Garbage Disposal: This small car vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 4,000mah large-capacity battery for up to 20 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning, ensuring a durable and efficient cleaning performance. Cordless car vacuum cleaners are designed to handle dust with ease. Just twist the clear lid, remove the filter, take the trash out, and make sure your hands stay clean. The transparent design provides a clear vacuum process, reminding you to clean in time.
  • The Perfect Gift: This vacuum cleaner comes with a variety of practical accessories including brush head, hose, flat tube suction head, multi-function nozzle, floor brush, swivel connector, tote bag, 3* brush, 1* stainless steel filter and 2*HEPA filter. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day or other special holidays, it can be a unique and thoughtful gift. If you have any questions about the product, please contact customer service. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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