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Leather Recoloring Balm, 10 OZ Dark Brown Leather Color Restorer for Scratched and Faded, Leather Repair Kit for Furniture Restore & Renew Restore Couches, Car Seats, Clothing, Shoes

  • 【Easy Application & Coloring】The Leather Recoloring Balm boasts effortless application and exceptional coloring abilities. Offers an effective solution to revive faded or worn leather, restoring its color and luster, can also penetrates the surface to replenish natural oils, enhancing the leather’s appearance.
  • 【Quick Drying & Colorfast】Featuring a rapid drying formula, this leather renovating balm sets, after application, simply dry naturally for about 10-20 minutes or use a hair dryer for 1-2 minutes. Its color-fast properties guarantee a fade-resistant finish, maintaining the restored look for an extended period.
  • 【Generous 10 OZ Quantity】This leather repair balm has a net weight capacity of up to 10 OZ. Its larger capacity ensures an enduring supply for multiple applications, making it a dependable companion for extensive leather restoration projects.
  • 【Repairs Wear, Scratches, and Cracks】Perfect for addressing wear and tear, scratches, or cracks on leather surfaces, this leather restorer balm acts as a comprehensive repair solution. It effectively conceals imperfections, revitalizing the appearance of worn-out areas.
  • 【Suitable for All Leather Items】Suitable for various leather and vinyl products for color restoration such as furniture, sofa, car interiors, jackets, bags, leather shoes, belts & gloves and more, its universal compatibility makes it an ideal choice for various leather items, offering consistent results across the board.

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