How to eat healthily


How to eat healthily

A dilemma as old as humanity, a perpetual challenge of time, diet, and lifestyle. However, nutritionists are constantly in competition with the lates

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A dilemma as old as humanity, a perpetual challenge of time, diet, and lifestyle. However, nutritionists are constantly in competition with the latest alternatives and discoveries of field researchers. Some, with long experience in this field, have been able to bring back the smile of many girls who had lost faith to have perfect body shapes through a healthy diet. She has responded to this challenge several times with facts and evidence through various public figures. But how do we understand all this? She has her own method. She says we must first determine the calories we need to consume in a day. According to her, “the average for a woman is about 2000 calories a day, but calorie needs can change dramatically as – after the lifestyle, you lead and how active she is. 20-50% of your daily calorie needs are determined by physical activity. The rest is spent by other basic functions of the body, such as respiration, blood circulation, and cell function.

Fruits and vegetables, are they the most nutritious?

Each of us needs to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables every day to get the most out of our nutrients. So do not hesitate to eat differently and richly. If you prefer vegetables, take a look at the following diet: Broccoli is an inexhaustible source of vitamin C, beta-carotene, folic acid, iron and potassium. It also contains ingredients called indole, which help prevent cancer. You can eat them fresh or in the microwave because if they are boiled, they lose the value that vitamin C provides. Asparagus is a wonderful food with outstanding medicinal properties. They are rich in folic acid and vitamins C, E and beta-carotene. Cabbage, a food rich in vitamins C, K, E and potash. It also contains beta-carotene, fiber, thiamine and other substances to prevent cancer.

What about fast food?

Chips have vitamin C and milkshakes contain calcium, but do not go into euphoria, because some fast foods add sugars to their fries, as well as fats to hot dogs and meat pies. . Some of their foods may contain more than 20 tablespoons of sugar and some contain more than half the daily amount of salt you need to get. Fast food is really bad for your health if you exclusively get fried foods and added fats and sugars.

Three healthy meals

A good breakfast can contribute to your daily diet by giving you enough calories, some protein, a reasonable amount of complex carbohydrates, few fats and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Many people do not tolerate large amounts of calories in their breakfast, but the ideal amount would be 400 to 500 calories in the morning for women and 550–650 calories for men. An ideal breakfast would be a low-fat organic yogurt, mixed with a banana. Then a glass of orange juice accompanied by a slice of black bread toasted with honey. Or try a glass of mixture with water, milk, two tablespoons of honey, a tablespoon of raisins and a glass of orange juice and finally a piece of toasted black bread.

• Lunch should be in perfect balance between carbohydrates, protein, and low fat. This is because your evening meal if it is rich in carbohydrates, will also contain a large amount of daily protein that you can get. If you eat large amounts of carbohydrates during lunch, you risk a sluggish afternoon. A salad with fresh tuna and tomatoes, a plate of pasta, and an apple instead of dessert is recommended. Or try lentils and a vegetable soup with some toast, as well as an orange at the end.

• It is the most convenient time to consume a few carbohydrates because these give a calming effect, relaxation, and help the night sleep. Choose a high-carbohydrate meal, such as whole grains, pasta, potatoes or legumes, that will keep you going overnight. Try a roasted bird with fresh potatoes with butter, peas, brown salads, rice, apricots and nuts or fruits accompanied by yogurt.