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Gorilla Grip Car Cup Holder Expander Keeps Large Drink Cups Secure, Extender Fits 18 to 48oz Big Water Bottles, Coffee Mug, Adjustable Arms and Base Expandable Insert Accessories for Cars, Black

About this item

  • ADJUSTABLE DESIGN KEEPS BOTTLES IN PLACE: no longer worry about your large cups and bottles rolling around and tipping while driving; our holder features durable adjustable arms that fit beverages 18 to 48 ounces or 2.8 to 5 inches in diameter and up to 12 inches in height; the arms securely grip cups with EVA foam pads for added security to help keep them in place
  • FITS MOST POPULAR BOTTLES AND MUGS: adjustable arms are sized to fit most popular large beverage containers from coffee mugs to skinny cups, wide mouth water bottles and more; unique open sided design can also accommodate cups with handles
  • EXPANDABLE BASE FOR SECURE AND CUSTOM FIT: universal design is constructed to fit most round cup holders from 2.6 to 3.7 inches in diameter; features an offset installation option that allows holder to sit off center to avoid obstructions such as center consoles, gear shifters, emergency brakes, and secondary cup holders; may not fit all cupholders, check vehicle’s cup holder dimensions
  • HEAVY DUTY, LONG LASTING CONSTRUCTION: built for daily use, heavy duty ABS plastic withstands wear and tear; thick EVA foam pads and silicone coaster inside cup holder help protect from scratches while also securely gripping to bottles
  • INSTALL IN SECONDS, NO TOOLS REQUIRED: simple installation, expander requires no tools or equipment; ideal for use in cars, trucks, golf carts, boats and more; For console cup holders only. Do not use in retractable cup holders

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