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Car Detailing Brush Ultra Soft Boars Hair Set of 3- Automotive Detail Brushes- Washing & Cleaning for Wheels, Interior Upholstery, Emblem, Air Vent- Vehicles & Auto Interior Detailing Kit

About this item

  • HEAVY-DUTY: Our brushes feature a durable plastic handle (no metal whatsoever) and ferrule construction that prevents accidental scratching or marring of finished surfaces. Our water-resistant handles stay pristine, unlike wood handles prone to damage.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Easily clean brake calipers, wheel crevices, grilles, grates, interior buttons, cup holders, tires, bezels, lug nuts, radios, engine components. Use it wet or dry for the interior and exterior of your motorcycle, boat, truck, or car.
  • TACKLE HARD-TO-CLEAN AREAS: 3 pieces different in size so you can get to each and every area of your auto. Our brush is crafted from soft yet durable boar hair, tough on dirt and grime but gentle on delicate surfaces like dashboards and electronic equipment.
  • MAXIMUM BRISTLES FOR OPTIMAL CLEANING: Each of the brushes is rich with bristles for proper cleaning action and superior soapy water-holding power. Your new wash tool buddy is made of premium materials to serve you for both years and cars to come.
  • EVERYTHING IS IN DETAILS: Detail Dudes’ ultimate detailing brush will easily become part of your car detailing tools. Reliable cleaner sweeping dust away- make your vehicle and seats shine like brand new, or make it a gift to a loved one.

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