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Sukh Soft Facial Tissue Paper-Car Travel Tissue Paper Refill Auto Visor Napkin Paper Towels for Car Tissue Box Holder Sun Visor Tissue Box Car Napkin Holder 2 ply 30 Sheets Each Pack 9 Packs

About this item

  • Soft And Pliable:Our facial tissue paper is very soft,smooth and comfortable.The car tissue is pliable and have good water absorption.It can work well on car tissue holder,office,home,restaurant and other places.
  • Safe Material:The car tissue paper is made of original quality wood pulp without harmful additives.It is very safe and gentle to skin,you can use it to wipe face,clean table,etc.
  • Easy To Carry:Our car tissues contain 12 packs,each pack has 30 car tissues,and you will receive a total of 360 car napkins.The size of each pack is about 6.7×3.54×0.4 inch.Our car paper towel is small and light,easy to carry out.
  • Convenient Design:Our travel paper towel has a slit opening in the middle of plastic packaging,that design makes our tissue refill convenient to be used anywhere.The paper towel is also a great travel tissue.
  • Notice:In order to offer cheaper price,we choose the vacuum packaging, that makes these car tissue refills thin and a little deformed,but we ensure that the shortcomings will not affect the use,our tissues still will give you a great experience.

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