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Smart Car Air Freshener Diffuser, Smart Car Air Freshener with Three Adjustable, Aromatizante para Carro Inteligente Intelligent Car Aroma (Diffuser+3Pcs Oils, Bluebell) (Coco Chanel,3essential oil)

About this item

  • Smart Car Air Freshener: The three-speed adjustable smart car air freshener can be adjusted and turned off freely. It can also be turned on and off intelligently: it can be turned on and off automatically by detecting the running status of the vehicle to maintain a comfortable fragrance state in the car
  • Three Spray Modes: Light fragrance: green, spray for 0.2 seconds every 300 seconds. Normal: Blue, spray for 0.2 seconds every 90 seconds. Strong fragrance: Purple, spray for 0.2 seconds every 10 seconds
  • Material: Made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, the surface is sandblasted, strong and durable. 220MA lithium battery, 60 minutes of charging, 45 days of battery life, features long battery life and low power consumption. The perfume is made from natural plant essence extracts, which is safe and comfortable
  • Easy to Install: 1. Open the essential oil bottle and insert the straw into the essential oil bottle. 2. Insert the essential oil bottle from the bottom and tighten it clockwise. 3. Finally, press and hold the switch to turn on the power, adjust the desired mode, and then use the universal air clip on the product to clamp it to the air outlet of the air conditioner.
  • Multi-scene Application: The exquisite appearance is not only suitable for car interiors, but also includes bathrooms, bedrooms, pet rooms, etc. Also a good choice as a gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other holidays

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