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Push Type Retainer Fender Liner Clips Compatible with Nissan/Infiniti Front Bumper Plastic Fasteners Replace 01553-05323, 01553-09321, 01553-09241, 11296-AG000 Radiator Rivets – 121pcs with Tool

About this item

  • 30pcs Cowl mud flaps fender liner push-type retainer compatible with 2001-2014 Altima, 2005-2019 Frontier, 2014-2019 Infiniti Q50, etc. Fits Into 8mm Hole. Replaces OEM: 01553-05323
  • 30pcs fender liner clips for inter panels plastic fasteners compatible with 1995-2014 Maxima, 2003-2018 Murano, 1996-2018 Pathfinder, etc. Fits Into 8mm Hole. Replaces OEM: 01553-09321
  • 30pcs body fasteners rivet clips for front bumper compatible with 2009-2017 370Z, 2008-2017 Rogue, 2016-2017 Titan, etc. Fits Into 10mm Hole. Replaces OEM: 01553-09241
  • 30pcs bumper plastic push fasteners for radiator compatible with 2004-2010 Quest, 2007-2012 Sentra, 2012-2018 Versa, etc. Fits Into 8mm Hole. Replaces OEM: 11296-AG000
  • Package Includes 120pcs push type retainer clips + 1pcs removal tool, Widely applicable to Nissan and Infiniti cars, made of high-quality nylon material for long last

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