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OXILAM Upgraded 9005 9006 LED Bulbs Combo, 600% Ultra Brighter, 1:1 Mini Size, 6500K Cool White, 9005/HB3 9006/HB4 Halogen Replacement, Canbus Ready, Pack of 4

About this item

  • 【600% Brighter than Stock Bulbs】: OXILAM 9005 9006 LED bulbs adopt the latest 2024 LED chip technology, providing 40000 lumens of light output per set, 6 times brighter than halogen bulbs. These 6500K cool white lights provide clear vision, enhancing nighttime road visibility for safe driving on dim and remote roads. It is an excellent choice for upgrading front bulbs, fog lights, high lamps and low lamp. (A set includes 2 9005 LED bulbs and 2 9006 LED bulbs)
  • 【Better Driving Experience】: The OXILAM 9005 and 9006 led light bulbs are in the same position as the original halogen filament, with 1:1 size pattern. 16 high-power chips get a farther and wider vision, avoiding accidents with animals crossing the road at night. OXILAM Led light bulbs make driving through rural areas and deserted highways easy and safe.
  • 【Real 1:1 Size Makes 100% Fit】: The OXILAM 9005 led bulbs are designed in the same 1:1 size as the stock bulb, no external driver, no huge bulb base. No need to modify the dust cover compared to other LED bulbs. OXILAM 9006 led bulbs have a direct plug-in design, which supports plug-and-play, quick installation within 5 minutes, 100% installation problem free.
  • 【99% Vehicle Compatibility】: The OXILAM 9005 9006 combo led bulbs kit has a built-in intelligent IC driver, no radio interference, CANBUS ready for 99% vehicle systems. Say goodbye to suddenly shut off, annoying flickering and unstopped dash errors when driving. For 1% sensitive vehicles, we can send an additional decoder to help solve the issue.
  • 【Triple Cooling for 50,000 Hours of Lifespan】: The OXILAM led bulbs adopt a high-quality aviation aluminum body that ensures effective heat dissipation without any risk of the light body breaking apart. The led light bulbs also include superior a copper baseboard and a 12000rpm silent turbo fan that effectively dissipates heat, ensuring a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

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