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OXILAM 2024 Upgraded H4 9003 LED Bulb, 20000LM 600% Brighter, 1:1 Halogen Size 6500K Xenon White Plug and Play Wireless HB2 LED bulb, Pack of 2

About this item

  • 【600% Brighter Than Halogen】H4 LED bulbs has 24 pieces of high quality chips, providing a super high brightness of 20,000LM per set, which is 6 times brighter than the stock bulb. Without the need for additional projection lenses, you’ll have a brighter, clearer field of vision, spotting animals or other obstacles on the road earlier and effectively improving nighttime driving safety.
  • 【5 Quick Minutes Installation】OXILAM 9003 led bulb is the same size as the halogen bulb and has an all-in-one design without external drivers or additional wiring harnesses, which allows them to be plug and play like OEM bulbs, with no modifications and 100 % free of installation problems.
  • 【10 Years+ Long Lifespan】The H4 LED bulb features a unique top 12000PRM silent fan design, which is closer to the chip, enabling more efficient heat dissipation. The combination of an all-aluminum body and high-quality copper plate ensures the bulb’s lifespan exceeds 10 years, performing optimal brightness without the issue of other LEDs dimming over time.
  • 【1:1 Factory Beam Pattern】The 0.03-inch ultra-thin base plate gives the 9003 bulbs to have the same beam pattern as factory bulbs. With light focusing on the road, they create a clear cutoff line without any black spots or shadowed areas, effectively preventing glare to oncoming vehicles or drivers.
  • 【99% Vehicles Error Free】The H4 9003 HB2 led bulb built-in intelligent IC driver, provides power closer to stock bulb, suitable for 99% of vehicle computer systems, no error or radio interference, effectively reduce the probability of DRLs flicker or fog lights do not light up problem. But for some an sensitive models may need extra decoder, please contact OXILAM via Amazon mail for help.

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