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Ouhoe Iron Powder Remover, Car Rust Removal Spray, Ouhoe Rust Removal Spray, Iron Powder Remover Spray, Rustout Instant Remover Spray (3pcs-30ml)

  • 【Ouhoe Iron Powder Remover】Our iron powder remover formula starts working on contact, Removes rust and rust immediately and has a polishing you can see results fast.
  • 【Car Rust Removal Spray】A fast, flawless scratch repair spray with coating technology that significantly reduces water stains, weathering, dirt and debris build-up.
  • 【Iron Rust Removal 】Rustout Instant Remover Spray for metal formula starts to contact and dissolves stains. Remove rust and rust spots immediately.
  • 【Easy to Use】Shake well before use. Spray lubricant onto surface. Wipe the surface until the rust is gone. Just spray on the damaged area and apply evenly with a soft cloth!
  • 【Wide Use】Very suitable for cleaning the stains caused by metal hardware, nuts, bolts and other iron accessories. Remove the rust on the metal surface without damaging the paint surface.

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