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Meguiar’s Ultimate Ceramic Coating – Ultra-Durable Cutting-Edge Ceramic Protection with Excellent Water Beading While also increasing gloss, Slickness, and Concealing Minor Paint Defects – 8oz Spray

About this item

  • ULTRA-DURABLE PROTECTION: Borrowing from professional technology, this advanced formula is a premium ceramic coating for cars that delivers ultra-durable protection with increased gloss and slickness. Get professional-grade results from a coating that’s easy to obtain and use
  • EASY TO USE FORMULA: Get a durable ceramic coating without the need for a difficult professional application process. After cleaning and prepping the paint, simply spray, spread with a premium microfiber towel, and flip your towel for the final buff off to reveal amazing gloss and slickness
  • EXCELLENT WATER BEADING ACTION: Not only do you get exceptional durability, but this ceramic protectant also delivers unbelievable water beading with increased slickness that makes maintaining and drying your paint a much easier process
  • CONSEALS LIGHT DEFECTS: One of the side benefits of this ceramic paint coating is that the surface doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect. Spray on a section, spread with a microfiber, and buff off. The product will help conceal minor paint defects while increasing gloss
  • SAFE ON OTHER SURFACES: While this cutting-edge car ceramic coating is formulated specifically for exterior glossy paint, it also works great on exterior plastic trim, decals, paint protection film (PPF), and wheels

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