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Cerakote® Rapid Ceramic Tire Coat Spray – Long Lasting Ceramic Coating with New Tire Look for Cars and Trucks – Easy to Use Applicator and Quick Drying for Professional Results – 8 fl oz

About this item

  • A Coat Of Armor For Your Tires – Experience a long lasting new tire look with our satisfaction-guaranteed formula, designed to outperform and outlast.
  • Easy To Use Car Care Kit – Our no-sling, non-greasy tire dressing formula keeps your vehicle clean, focusing the shine where it belongs – on your tires.
  • Magic Application Takes Only Minutes – With Cerakote’s Rapid Ceramic Tire Coat, achieve professional tire coating results in just minutes – simple wash, dry, and apply.
  • Keep Your Tires Looking New for Months – Bring back that brand-new tire look with Cerakote’s Rapid Ceramic Tire Coat, ensuring they stay looking fresh for longer.
  • Cerakote Trust: Rely on the world leader in ceramic polymer technology, trusted by leading aerospace, automotive, and tech industries for unmatched protection and aesthetics.

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