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Car Leather Cup Holder Gap Bag,Seat Gap Storage Box,Adjustable Car Seat Storage Box,Leather Cup Holder Gap Bag with Cup Holder for Phones Glasses Keys Cards(Black,A)

About this item

  • The Car Leather Cup Holder Gap Bag:The perfect solution for a clutter-free car interior – This innovative product is designed to fit perfectly in the gap between your car seat and center console, making the most of the often unused space in your vehicle.
  • Premium Materials:The Car Leather Cup Holder Gap Bag is both durable and stylish. The ABS plastic and top quality PU leather ensure strong impact resistance and a long service life. Plus, it is waterproof and anti-scratch, providing extra protection for your belongings.
  • Humanity Design:This car seat gap organizer is a must-have for any driver. The combination of a storage box and a leak-proof plug keeps your pocket necessities organized and prevents them from falling into the crevice area between the seats and the center console.
  • Suitable for most vehicles : Simply insert the box into the gap between your seat and center console, and it will be securely in place within seconds. No more struggling to find a place for your phone, glasses, keys, or cards – they can all be easily stored in this convenient and accessible organizer.
  • Car Leather Cup Holder Gap Bag: Keep your belongings organized and within reach while driving, and enjoy a clean and tidy car every time you hit the road. Don’t wait any longer, get yours today and experience the convenience and functionality of this amazing product!

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