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Car Interior Dust Brush, Car Cleaning Brush Dust Collectors,Soft Bristles Detailing Brush Dusting Tool,for Automotive Dashboard, Air Conditioner Vents, Leather, Computer,Scratch Free(2 PCS)

  • This cleaning brush can clean every corner of the car, car dashboard/AC vents/car center console/seat crevices in residue, also can be used to clean computer keyboard blinds.
  • Dense fine fiber wool, soft, flexible, strong and durable, fast dusting, easy to use, will not damage the items, will not scratch your car.
  • Car cleaning brush for all corners of the car, on the car’s air conditioning outlets. Center Console. Not easy to clean crevices, dust drink food residues are very effective. Can be used to clean all objects.
  • The curved bristle design allows it to easily get into air vents and other small crevices to clean hidden dust. His bristles are designed with a stable structure that prevents the bristles from falling out easily due to pulling during your use.
  • If you are not satisfied with the product when you receive it, don’t worry, we offer free replacement or refund. If your product does not meet your expectations, please contact me as soon as possible if there is any quality problem.

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