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Car Interior Cleaning Brush Car Duster Interior with Ultra Soft Bristles Auto Detailing Brushes Dusting Car Accessories for Dashboard, AC Vents, Leather, Scratch-Free (2Pack)

  • 【Easy to Collect Dust】Car detailing brushes are made of high-quality synthetic fibers,so they are very durable and reusable. Because of high density bristles, our brushes can easily absorb the dust without being fully exposed to the dust.
  • 【Multi-functional】Car duster interior is used not only as a cleaning dust tool, but also as a women’s make-up tool.As a cleaning dust tool, it can efficiently clean dashboards, keyboards, car seats etc. As a women’s make-up tool, it can effectively remove dirty from their face.
  • 【Ultra Soft Brush】Auto detailing brushes have super soft premium bristles, so they are scratch-free, which means they do no damage to your lovely car. Because of the ultra soft bristles, they are easy to clean and also have no bad smell.
  • 【Curved Design】The curved design of long and short bristles makes the brush fully touch the air vents to clean hidden dust, keeping the interior of your car clean and tidy. The non-slip design of the brush handle provides a comfortable grip experience.
  • 【Perfect Package】Each car interior cleaning brush includes 1 soft brush and 1 plastic dust shield cover. The cover is dustproof and also can protect the brush well.

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