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Car Detailing Kit, 18Pcs Durable Car Cleaning Kit Includes Various of Soft-bristled Car Detailing Brushes for Cleaning Interior, Exterior, Wheels, Dashboard

About this item

  • Perfectly Combined 18Pcs Car Wash Kit – Our 18Pcs drill brush car detailing includes detailing brush*5,drill brush set*4,tire brush*1,wire brushes*3, car wash towels*2,car wash mitt*1, vent cleaning brush*2. After many upgrades and improvements, this interior car cleaning kit will be able to meet your car cleaning needs interior and exterior and daily beauty maintenance. It is a thoughtful and practical gift choice for your husband, car enthusiasts and friends
  • Wheel Cleaning Kit – Auto detailing brushes comes with 4 different shapes of drill brushes and a sturdy tire brush for cleaning your car. The unique tapered drill brush is mainly used to clean wheel rims and exhaust pipes,which can easily remove dirt that cannot be reached inside the rim. The ergonomically designed tire brush can clean large areas of dirt on the tire surface. All the brushes combine with each other to make the wheel cleaning process more efficient and time-saving.
  • Car Detailing Brush Kit – 5 different sizes of detail brushes tailored for car crevices, which combine perfect toughness and flexibility. The detail brush’s bristles are gentle, yet firm enough to provide just the right amount of pressure for effective cleaning. We have upgraded the handle of the detail brush, reinforcing the brush head and handle, so you don’t worry about it falling off! Vent cleaning brush is a must-have for car vent space detailing. Clean up with a breeze!
  • Other Tools in the Detailing Brush Set – 3 different materials wire brushes for different surfaces, nylon brush for cleaning delicate parts and interior, stainless steel brush for rust removal, brass brush for cleaning metal parts. Additionally, the detailing kit comes with large microfiber gloves with a waterproof interior and 2 highly absorbent car wash towels. These extra features contribute to the overall convenience and completeness of the set, providing a comprehensive suite of detailed experiences.
  • Multi-Purpose Car Interior Detailing Kit – This professional detail brushes car detailing is the ultimate collection of car wash supplies. It can be used to clean various parts of the car, it can also be used for house cleaning, such as: cars, trucks, boats, toilets, kitchens, bathtubs, sinks, etc. Keep every corner of your car and home absolutely spotless with this premium car detailing kit interior cleaner! Own it, you have a cleaning assistant.

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