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Car Cleaning Gel 4-Pack Kit,Universal Detailing Automotive Dust Car Crevice Cleaner Putty Cleaning Keyboard Cleaner,Men’s and Women’s Car Detailing Supplies Accessories.

  • PERFECT CAR CLEANING TOOL:Car Cleaning Gel is the perfect tool for cleaning your car. Car Cleaning Gel is superb for getting into the crevices of your car and cleaning it clean, easily taking away dirt, debris, pet hair and more.
  • Easy to use: make sure your hands are dry and clean, then take out the car cleaning gel and knead it into a ball in your hands, then push the car gel into small crevices and the debris will stick and pull out! You can also press the gel onto the surface of your keyboard and then slowly pull the gel out and the dirt will be taken away.
  • REUSABLE: The car cleaning gel can be reused many times until it turns black without rinsing with water. After use, return the car cleaning gel to the storage bag and store in a cool, dry place. Do not use the reusable Car Cleaning Gel to wipe down cell phone screens or computer monitors.
  • 4 PCS CAR CLEANING KIT: The package comes in four different colors: blue, green, yellow and pink, suitable for women or men.4 packs of car cleaning gel can be placed in different occasions to share with friends and relatives. Different colors of car cleaning kit are made of the same material and used in the same way, please feel free to use. The car cleaning gel is made of natural gel, non-sticky, smells faintly and is completely non-irritating to the skin.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Car Cleaning Gel can also be used for home and office, computer keyboard cleaning and cleaning of other uneven surfaces such as printers, calculators, TV remotes and furniture. Car Cleaning Gel is suitable for use on all equipment and surfaces (except carpets), the surface it is applied to must be waterproof or Car Cleaning Gel will stick to it.

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