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Brake Bomber Cleaner Powerful Wheel Cleaner, Perfect for Cleaning Wheels and Tires Safe On Alloy and Pain,Automobile Wheel Cleaner, 120ml (2pcs)

  • Ultimate brake removal: Wheel cleaner is a powerful solution designed to solve stubborn brake and road dirt, making your wheels look refreshed. Say goodbye to the ugly and on the brakes!
  • Safe and effective : Suitable for most types of wheel surface.Its carefully crafted is pH balanced to damage to the wheel surface and ensure strong washing without affecting surface integrity.It is not recommended to use on aluminum wheels as chemical reactions may occur.
  • Quick and application: Using and washing wheels has never been so.Just spray it on, let it penetrate, and watch the and dirt on the brake dissolve effortlessly.No need for scrubbing or hard work!
  • Spotless surface :A powerful ensures that the surface of the wheels is spotless, not eliminating visible brake, but also stubborn road dirt, making the wheels look cleanly
  • Quality results: Trusted by car enthusiasts and professionals, the cleanliness and gloss it provides will make your wheels stand out.Today, use wheel cleaner to enhance your car’s appearance!

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