The impact of technology on human life


The impact of technology on human life

The rapid development of technology and its advancement has made man closer to it and closer to it. One of the most familiar devices to man today is

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The rapid development of technology and its advancement has made man closer to it and closer to it. One of the most familiar devices to man today is undoubtedly the computer. The last decade was the one that ‘crowned’ the connection between man and computer. It was precisely this connection that defined some ‘epithets’ such as programmer, IT, etc. Millions of people employed in various institutions and companies spend most of their time communicating with computers, while the phrase “the book of man’s closest friend” is fading.


For many people, the lack of a computer at work or at home would make life more difficult. An ordinary person can have their morning coffee by browsing online newspapers, communicating with people from different parts of the world, seeing parts of different cities, or even buying something they like. The information which in the early times circulated with great difficulty is now with one click before our eyes. Developers of large companies considering the requirements of users try to make the computer device as smart as possible. Examples of different software clearly show their work.

Today the ability of a website to keep the user as close to it as possible seems to be the unit of measurement of its quality. Smart apps that enable humans to communicate with anyone in the world, generate satellite imagery of places we dreamed to see, enable bots, access thousands of information in seconds, save personal documents over long distances (on different servers), the possibility purchasing various equipment online, listening online to the lectures of well-known professors, etc., etc., have educated man in such a way that he asks the computer even things that for now seem unattainable. In various interviews, I have had with people I have received many responses, but it is worth mentioning one of the responses I have received from an official person of a company. When asked what you wanted a computer to offer you, he replied, “I wanted the computer to bring me lunch at the table, prepare a monthly work report for me, or I just talk to it and it works.” This answer best shows how far “human madness” has come in accessing the computer. The answer right now seems crazy but in the near future, this will probably be achieved. But one thing is clear, a computer device could not replace man.

Excessive computer use has not always turned out to be lucky for man. Last year a large percentage of divorces occurred because of online connections established by one spouse with a third person. There have also been major complaints from many married women that the husband pays more attention to the computer than the family, in these cases the comment “I wanted to love the computer as much as I did” was often heard. One of the most serious cases is the organization of groups of young people in various chats to commit mass suicides, and this has been experienced most often by Japan. Despite these bad things that have happened, numerous comparisons show that the impact of the computer is more positive than negative. I will end the article by asking one of the most interesting surveys conducted in the last century what is the greatest achievement of mankind, the discovery of the computer or the arrival of man on the Moon. I did not manage to know the result of this survey, but the continuity of time in my opinion clearly shows that the computer is the answer to this question.

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