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Auto Interior Dusting Brush,4 Pcs Car Interior Dust Sweeping Soft Brush,Woobrooch Car Detailing Cleaning Brush,Universal Car Interior Double Head Crevice Brush for Cleaning Dashboard,Air Vent,Leather

  • 【High-quality Material】This automotive interior dusting brush is made of high quality synthetic fiber material.Its bristles are not easy to fall off, soft and fluffy, and can be gently cleaned. Even if used repeatedly, the detailing brush is durable and has no peculiar smell.The handle of the car cleaning brush is made of ABS material,comfortable grip,safe and non-toxic.
  • 【Super Soft Bristles】Car interior dust sweeping soft brushes have super soft premium bristles, so they are scratch-free, which means they do no damage to your lovely car. The curved design of long and short bristles makes it easy to penetrate into the exhaust port, clean hidden dust.The woobrooch car brush great for dry and wet use.
  • 【Dual Head Design】8.7In multi-functional dual head design cleaner that uses a cleaning cloth and brush to handle cleaning in different locations.Quickly clean hard-to-reach areas and the nylon brush head can help clean dusty areas.The car cleaning brush can get into all the small cracks,corners,nuts or tight spaces to deep clean the dust in hidden corners.
  • 【Compact size】The size of the dust brush inside the car is small but very mighty, this fits all cars/suv/truck etc,which is very suitable for putting in the glove box or the door storage compartment. Save space in the car, and won’t mess up space because of too many tools.Good looking , unique!
  • 【Wide Application】Car Interior Cleaning Tool is suitable for cleaning every corner of the car, such as the air vent, instrument panel, seat, dashboard,center console, armrest, window, etc. Dust brushes can be used not only to clean cars, but also to clean air conditioners, fans, windows, keyboards and other daily furniture at home or office.

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