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Android Auto Wireless Adapter for Car Android auto Small Car Dongle for OEM Wired Car Model 2017+ Play Plug USB C to A, USB A Extension Cable, 90 Degree USB A Adapter, 3 Adapters, U2A-AIR

About this item

  • 🚗 【U2A-AIR Wireless Android Auto Adapter】 Effortlessly transform your wired Android Auto into a seamless wireless experience. No need for any extra drivers, apps, or complex system upgrades. Simply activate Bluetooth and WiFi, and the U2A-AIR wireless Android Auto adapter will automatically connect to your phone as soon as you start your car, even if your phone is in your pocket or you’re in the middle of a call.
  • 🚗 【Fast and Stable Connection】 Elevate your wireless Android Auto experience with the U2A-AIR Android auto wireless adapter, equipped with a groundbreaking WiFi module for lightning-fast and rock-solid connections. Automatically connect within 5-15s, fast transmission brings the ultimate sensory experience. Allowing you to enjoy all the functionalities such as navigation, music, voice assistance, and phone calls without compromising on the original car operation.
  • 🚗 【Compact and Convenient】 The U2A-AIR wireless Android car adapter provides four connection options and two USB ports, and is compatible with ports of various brands of cars with small and stylish designs, taking up minimal space in your car. Enjoy a clean wireless Android Auto experience without sacrificing performance or convenience.
  • 🚗 【Seamless Compatibility】 U2A-AIR wireless Android Auto adapters are designed to work with your car or stereo that comes with Android Auto from the factory, ensuring a perfect fit for your car. Please ensure that your phone is also compatible with Android Auto, and we highly recommend utilizing Android 11 or higher versions for optimal performance.
  • 🚗 【Package Includes】 U2A-AIR Android Auto Adapter x1, USB Female A to C x1, USB A Extension Cable x1, 3.1USB 90 degree adapter x1, User Manual x1, 12-month global warranty. We support online reporting and OTA upgrades, and offer 24/7 professional technical support, keeping your wireless Android Auto adapter always performing at its best.

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