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7 Fins Blender Blade Compatible with Ninja Blender Blade Replacement, Ninja Blender Lid Accessories for Auto iQ BL682-30 BL642-30 BL450-30 BL482-30 BL687CO-30 BL450-30 BL642-30 BL482-30 BL682-30 ect

Please confirm first that your Ninja Blender meets these three necessary conditions:1,Your ninja blender blade is 7 fin blade(not 6 fin);2,The bottom diameter of original blender blade is 3.9inch; 3,Your ninja blender cups is 18oz,24oz,or 32oz.Not 16oz.
  • Our ninja blender replacement parts are compatible with Nutri Ninia Pro BL450-30, BL455-30, BL480D, BL481-30, BL482-30, BL486CO, BL487, BL487-30, BL487A, BL487A-30, BL487T, BL487T-30, BL488W, BL490, BL491, BL492, BL492W, BL492IS-30, BL640, BL640-30, BL641, BL641-30, BL642, BL642-30, BL642W1-30, BL680A, BL680A-30, BL682, BL682-30,BL682QRT-30, BL685-30, BL2012, BL2013, CT641-30, CT680SS, CT680CO2SS, CT680CO2SS-30, BL687CO-30, NN100, NN100A, NN100-30, NN101, NN101-30, NN102
  • 【No Suitable for】Please don’t order our 7 fin ninja blades replacement for there model: BL660, BL663,BL740, BL770, BL771, BL773CO, BL780, BL820, BL830, BL450, BL451-70, BL454-70, BL482-70.
  • URSUMER ninja blender parts are made of high quality 100% BPA-free high impact plastic and food-grade high-strength stainless steel, dishwasher Safe. Precision durable and work great. Easy installation and cleaning, Perfectly match of original parts.
  • Extra Gasket: There is already one gasket in blade when you receive this Ninja Blender Accessories, the extra gasket is for replace in future,do not install the extra one when test.

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