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4 PCS Car Detailing Brush Set for Cleaning Interior or Exterior, Boars Bristle Detailing Brushes, Dusting Cleaning Supplies, Tool for Emblem, Air Vents, Wheels, Leather Upholstery Seat

About this item

  • [Car Detailing Brushes Set] Include 4 cleaning brushes for cleaning the interior and bodywork details of your car. The 4 different brush heads are designed for specific areas of the car. These brushes excel in reaching even the smallest crevices that car wash sponges or towels may miss, providing a thorough and meticulous cleaning experience.
  • [Ultra Soft Brush]With its portable design, this brush is perfect for on-the-go car cleaning, ready to be stored in your vehicle at all times. The fine and soft bristles are ideal for cleaning screens and dashboards, ensuring a scratch-free experience for your screens.
  • [Soft Brush] Crafted from faux wool, this soft and densely packed detailing brush ensures a scratch-free car cleaning experience. Its plush feel adds comfort during use, making it perfect for cleaning dashboards, air conditioning vents, gaps between car seats, leather surfaces, and handles.
  • [Medium Brush] Crafted from pig bristles, this detailing brush is designed for wet and dry use. Its optimal hardness ensures effective dirt removal without paint damage. Ideal for cleaning emblems, grilles, headlights, and intricate body crevices. A versatile tool for maintaining a spotless vehicle exterior.
  • [Hard Brush] Constructed from PET+PBT, this detailing brush excels in both wet and dry applications. Its fine, high-density bristles provide hardness, making it highly effective for cleaning small, dirty parts like wheel nuts, engine surfaces, and gaps.

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