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Smart Car Air Freshener Diffuser, Aromatizante para Carro Inteligente Intelligent Car Aroma (Diffuser+3pcs Oils,Cologne)

About this item

  • πŸ‘ –Intelligent Car Air Freshener–An intelligent car air freshener with three adjustable modes: smart startup, automatic shutdown, and intelligent scent adjustment. It detects the air conditioning condition inside the car and matches the ambient light to automatically adjust the duration of the fragrance. It offers three modes that can be freely adjusted.
  • πŸ‘–Exquisite Design– This intelligent car air freshener features a sleek design, serving not only as a car diffuser but also as a decorative accessory. It can be used in various settings, including the car interior, as well as at home in places such as the bathroom, bedroom, or pet area.
  • πŸ‘ –High-Quality–The intelligent car air freshener is made of durable aluminum alloy, ensuring a long service life. With a 220mAh lithium battery, it can be fully charged in 60 minutes and lasts up to 45 days.
  • πŸ‘ –Three Adjustable Modes with Projection Light–The intelligent car air freshener is equipped with a projection light and offers three spray modes: – Gentle Mode: Green light, sprays for 0.2 seconds every 300 seconds. – Medium Mode: Blue light, sprays for 0.2 seconds every 90 seconds. – Strong Mode: Purple light, sprays for 0.2 seconds every 10 seconds.
  • πŸ‘–Intelligent Car Air Freshener–Easily eliminate various odors, providing a refreshing experience. Our waterless car diffuser ensures no mess and requires minimal cleaning, making it perfect for cars, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and other spaces.

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