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OBD2 Scanner Reader Bluetooth Wireless: Smart 1s Auto-Connect Clear Error Code Live Data Reset Diagnostic Tool for iPhone/Android Vehicle Voltage/Performance/Speed/Fuel Test AMTIFO B25

About this item

  • Bluetooth One-Click Connection: B25 obd2 scanner says goodbye to traditional Bluetooth connections. It is compatible with IOS and Android. With the upgraded 5.1 Bluetooth system,You only need to turn on Bluetooth and enter the app page (make sure the obd2 is properly inserted into your vehicle’s OBD interface), and there is no need to enter the Bluetooth pairing settings. Just wait for the code reader to automatically recognize the Bluetooth signal on the app page.
  • Full vehicle system function diagnosis (updated): In addition to the functions provided by obd2 scanner bluetooth (clearing fault codes, checking engine malfunction codes), obd2 scanner diagnostic tool also has full vehicle function diagnosis, such as safety airbag detection, ABS, turn signal control system, tire pressure monitoring, and more. Currently, only nine major car models are supported, and we will continue to optimize and add other car models in the future.
  • Auto Sleep Mode: After 10 minutes of no Bluetooth connection, B25 code reader will automatically enter sleep mode and no longer consume your car battery, say goodbye to traditional wireless car scanner.ALSO the fixd car diagnostic tool for iphone comes with a three-color indicator light that clearly shows you the connection status.
  • The latest developed chips and simple APPs: B25 car code reader based on our years of independent research and development, the chip is more stable, and our app of scan tool has a user-friendly design that clearly and comprehensively introduces the purpose of each feature, making it easy for even a car novice to use.
  • Performance testing and customizable dashboards: The check engine code reader supports the display of engine speed, fuel consumption during travel, real-time analyze speed change and battery voltage on the vehicle dashboard. Scanner for car also allows you to customize the dashboard to estimate fuel efficiency based on your driving habits or preferences, as well as perform more tasks.
  • Vehicle CEL Doctor: The B25 code readers & scan tools enables you to read DTCs,access to e-missions readiness status, turn off CEL(check engine light) or MIL, reset monitor, read live data and retrieve VIN of your vehicle , Battery Health Check, Freeze frame, On-Board Monitoring, Performance Test, Data Stream, Diagnostic reports.
  • Warranty & Service & Support 24 languages:TWO YEARS WARRANTY AND 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE. But if you are not pleased with the vehicle code reader, please contact AMTIFO 24 Hours after-sales Team directly for hassle-free return and refund. Save your bucks and time. Also our obd scanner is available in 24 languages, supports global customers, and is automatically matched according to your mobile phone system

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