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Led Light Signs for Car with USB Plug, Bumper Stickers Taxi Sign Light Windshield, Glow LED Sign Decal Stickers with Suction Cups Flashing Hook on Car Window LED Bright Lights (Blue)

About this item

  • The light bright, suitable for all cars and vehicles. The USB cable is 1.5 meters long, allowing you to easily attach it to any corner of the front windshield using adhesive suction cups.
  • Bright LED Lights Glow: Led signs light Let your customers see your car at the first time, Customers can find your car easily and more and more customers. Especially in the darkness of night, it is very striking for passengers to see your car.
  • Easy installtion: LED marker lights with 2 suction cups, with suction cups on the windshield, easy to open and close. A dip in water will help you get the suction cups to stick better to the card and glass.
  • Improve Your Customer Rating:The LED sign is what you have been looking for to differentiate yourself and get better reviews. Don’t get left behind – this product is the new standard and your customers will love it!
  • Control the lights with buttons: When waiting for passengers in crowded places at night, simply press the switch to turn on the lights, allowing passengers to quickly locate your car.

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