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Car Scratch Repair, White Car Paint Touch up, Premium Car Scratch Remover for Deep Scratches, Precise Automotive Paint Color Matching, Also Used as Wheel Paint, Rim Paint(White)

About this item

  • 【Precise Color Matching】Our team continues to research car touch up paint. The color of car scratch repair paint, which is very close to the original car paint color, can match the 95% car on the market.
  • 【Your Dream Touch up Paint】Regardless of minor or deep scratch, car scratch remover restores them effectively. You have a choice of single and double car paint pen package. The double pen package includes a varnish pen(clear coat paint for cars), which can add a protective layer on the newly car paint scratch repair area and increase car paint gloss as well. Get the double pen package or more as backups if use frequently.
  • 【User-friendly Design】The scratch remover pen has two ends. The one end is a metallic pen tip and the other, a pen brush head. Pen tip removes minor scratch. Especially for spotted scratch, the effect is visually amazing. Deep long car scratch can be applied by brush head, which gets nice result as well. Scratch remover for vehicles also used for other painted surfaces like rims, bicycles and trucks.
  • 【Detailed Steps】1 For minor scratch, shake the scratch remover for vehicles before use, then squeeze the pen tip to fix. 2 Use the brush head to touch up ugly deep long car scratch. Avoid paint spilling, unscrew the touch up paint pen for cars slowly. For a deeper scratch, apply a few layers. 3 Add the varnish, wow! get a “new car”. Even a novice, can do it. Tip: Avoid hand shaking, please practice on the cardboard first.
  • 【After-sales Service】For the car paint repair pen of Pocartiffic, we have a professional R&D team checking auto scratch remover for cars quality. Our after-sales service team is always here by your side.

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