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Car Plastic Restorer & Hydrophobic Trim Ceramic Coating Kit Long Lasting Coating Car Accessories 30ml, 1fl oz (2 Pack)

  • Return Your Plastics To Factory Reset In One App: It is a ceramic coating for the restoration and regeneration of plastic. By sticking to the surface at the molecular level, it gives a lasting shine, protection, and an elegant look, which lasts between 12-18 months on the inner plastic and up to 2-4 months depending on the weather conditions on the outer plastic.
  • Ultra Protects and Resists: Protects against UV rays, water, dirt, dust and moisture. Resists scratches and protects against deformation.
  • Always Clean: It pushes water, mud and stains from the surface and reduces dusting by 70% thanks to its hydrophobic protective layer.
  • Easy To Use: It should be well shaken. Always use in well-ventilated areas. Before application, the surface must be cleaned from dirt, residue, and contamination. In order to get the best result, the area to be applied should be completely cool and dry. Drip the bottle into the special sponge applicator. Spread in straight lines and rub deeply into plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces.
  • Usable Areas: It can be used on all plastic, rubber and vinyl parts (bumper, glove box, door, etc. All types of plastic).

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