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Brake Caliper Piston Rewind Tool, Brake Piston Wind Back Tool,Car Rear Brake Pad Wind Back Tool,Right Handle Set Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool for for Replacement of Rear Brake Pad

  • [Durable Material] The piston coiling tool of Disc brake caliper is made of 45 steel, which has a long service life, high hardness and is not easy to deform.
  • [Size]The distance between the adapter plates and the centers of the pins is approximately 22 millimeters to 32 millimeters.
  • [Easy to Use] The car rear brake pad retraction tool is easy to use, and there are retraction pistons on both the left and right threaded piston calipers, making the operation simple.
  • [Efficient Tool] The brake caliper piston winding tool is used to install the brake pads of domestic and imported cars and trucks with return air piston calipers.
  • [Applicable] The handle set brake caliper winding tool is very suitable for removing/installing press fit parts, such as ball joints, universal joints, and truck brake fixing pins.

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