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6 Inch Buffing Polishing Pads, 5 Pcs 6.5″ Front Side for 150mm Backing Plate, Buffing Polishing Pads Kit, Cutting Pads for Car Buffer Polisher Compounding, Polishing, Waxing Pads

About this item

  • 🌟【 Foam Buffing Pads (Set of 5) 】: 6 inch buffing pads and buffer pads, 3 pads provide a range from hard to soft for buffer cutting and compounding, while 2 pads are for waxing and polishing, offers 5 different grits for all your needs.
  • 🌟【Unique Design】: The 6 inch foam buffing pads and polishing pads for buffers are uniquely crafted to address all pad cooling requirements, maximizing polish usage for optimal outcomes. Ideal for both beginners and professional detailers.
  • 🌟【Hook and Loop Technology】: Our 6 inch buffing pads, 6 inch polishing pads, and buffer pads are designed to work seamlessly, 3 pads for hard-to-soft for buffer cutting compounding and 2 pads for wax and gloss finish polishing complete solution.
  • 🌟【Ultimate Precision】: The 6 inch buffer polisher pads, 6” orbital polisher pads, da polishing pads and buff pads are designed to provide a high-quality user experience using body repair buffing & polishing pads bendable, washable and reusable.
  • 🌟【Versatile Buffing for Auto Detailing】: Introducing 6 inch polishing pads for buffering a variety of surfaces, compatible with buffer types such as DA Polishers, Rotary Polishers, Pneumatic Polishers, and Random Orbital Sanders. Ideal for auto car detail polishing, these pads feature hook and loop backing for easy attachment.

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