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(25Pcs) 20 Amp Mini Car Fuses, 20A Automotive Fuses, Automotive Replacement Fuses, Blade Fuse for Car/RV/Truck/SUV/Motorcycle/Boat

About this item

  • Product Details – Size: Mini, Current rating: 1A, Voltage:32V(12V/24V), Pack of 25 pcs.
  • High Quality – Premium zinc alloy terminals ensure enhanced conductivity and corrosion resistance.
  • Safety Protection – When the current is overloaded, the fuse blows quickly and accurately to protect the equipment.
  • Easy Identification – Features industry standard color-coded to indicate amp rating,clearly marked Number with amperage,transparent housing for easy inspection.
  • Widely Compatible – These blade fuses are suitable for car, truck, motocycle, SUV, RV, boat and other electrical equipment. Commonly used for overcurrent protection of light, air conditioner, radio, turn signal, etc.

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