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20 Pcs Cute Soot Sprites Car Rearview Mirror Accessories – Funny Dashboard Decor for Cute Car Ornament Gifts and Interior Decors

About this item

  • Adorable Car Decor: Add some cuteness to your car with our product! This set includes 20 charming Cute Soot Sprites and 20 dot glue stickers that can be used as decorations inside your car, making it feel cozy and cute.
  • Iron Box Packaging: Our product is carefully packaged in sturdy iron boxes to guarantee their safe arrival. Not only does this packaging ensure that your items are delivered in perfect condition, but it also offers an added benefit. The iron boxes can be reused to store small items, helping you keep your belongings organized and tidy.
  • Car Ornament: The Cute Soot Sprites in this set are unique car ornaments that make a great gift for car enthusiasts or anyone who loves cute cartoon characters. Let these adorable creatures become your car’s ornaments and make your vehicle stand out from the rest.
  • Dashboard Decorations: These Cute Soot Sprites are not just for car mirrors, they can also be used as decorations on your dashboard. Use the 20 dot glue stickers to stick them onto your dashboard or any smooth surface, and enjoy the delightful little creatures brightening up your car’s interior.
  • Car Mirror Decor: These Cute Soot Sprites are designed to be used as decorations for car rearview mirrors, adding fun and cuteness to your mirrors. With dimensions of about 0.39*0.39*0.39 inches, they are perfectly sized for mirror decor.

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