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Windshield Repair Kit, Cracks Gone Glass Kit Automotive Windscreen Tool for Fixing Chips, and Star Shaped Crack, Nano Fluid Fille

About this item

  • Repair Made Easy – This windshield repair kit is designed to repair small damages in laminated automotive glass windshields. With this kit, anyone to fix a damaged windshield or window. Easily repair many types of laminated windshields or minor damage to the outer layer of glass with little effort.
  • Versatility:The automotive windscreen repair kit is designed for use on all types of laminated windscreen outer glass. The kit is best suited for small chips, bullseyes, stars, half moons, cracks up to 12 inches/30 cm and round damage up to 1 inch in diameter. Note: Not suitable for mobile phone screens).
  • Cost Saving: High quality windscreen crack repair that helps you minimise the appearance for a better repair, with a dispensing head design and advanced repair fluid that generates strong pressure. And with a vacuum function, it quickly removes air from the crack for optimum repair, restoring the windscreen to near-new condition and saving you time and money.
  • Unique vacuum design: The windscreen repair kit has a unique vacuum design that prevents air from entering between the gels and affecting the outcome of the repair. By vacuuming the cracks before injecting the repair fluid, it allows for a permanent airtight repair of most laminated windscreens, the gel can better fill the cracks and the repaired windscreen will be strong and beautiful.

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