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Shark PX201 StainStriker Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, Spot, Stain, & Odor Eliminator, 3 Attachments, Perfect for Pets, Carpet, Area Rugs, Couches, Upholstery, Cars & More, White

About this item

  • SHARK STAINSTRIKER: Dual-activated tough stain eliminator with no premix required, instantly and permanently removes stains and odors throughout your home: carpets, area rugs, couches, upholstery, cars and more.
  • STAINSTRIKER TECHNOLOGY: Shark’s two unique solutions mix and activate inside the handheld stain and spot eliminator to unleash the power of OXY for 20X more stain-striking power delivering unbeatable tough stain elimination, with no premix required
  • STRONGEST SUCTION: Pulls out liquid and dirt embedded deep down to make carpets, area rugs, stairs, furniture, couches, and upholstery look like new again.
  • PERFECT FOR PETS: Eliminates odors instantly and permanently, including pet urine and smoke.
  • WHOLE HOME CLEANING: Lightweight and compact at under 9 lbs. Clean and remove stains anywhere and conveniently store when finished.
  • SHARK CARPETXPERT DEEP CLEAN PRO FORMULA: Engineered to lift and extract layers of ground-in dirt and grime.
  • SHARK STAINSTRIKER OXY MULTIPLIER FORMULA: Fuses with Shark CarpetXpert Deep Clean Pro formula to unleash the power of OXY and remove even the toughest stains and odors.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Shark StainStriker, integrated crevice tool, 3.5″ reversible bristle tool, pet tool, hose clean tool, 6oz Deep Clean Pro Formula, 12oz OXY Multiplier Formula

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