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PULIDIKI Car Cleaning Gel for Car Cleaning Putty Car Putty Auto Detailing Tools Car Slime Cleaner Dust Cleaning Gel for Car Interior Cleaner Car Accessories Keyboard Cleaner Blue (2Pack)

  • 【Quick Car Cleanup】PULIDIKI cleaning gel for car detailing putty works perfect for a quick car cleanup! Car putty for cleaning is great for getting into the cracks and crevices to extract dust and debris. Car gel cleaner putty does a great job of cleaning out all the hard to reach places in your auto and truck
  • 【Easy to Use】Car goop for cleaning makes detailing your car so much easier. Take out the car cleaning supplies with hands, knead a few times. Press the car cleaning gel kit slightly on the dust surface and then pull out the car cleaner gel slowly, the dust would be carried away with our car cleaning kit interior
  • 【Friendly to Car】Car cleaning slime reusable is made from natural materials, car detailing kit has moderate stickiness stick dust but does not stick to hands. Car slime for cleaning has a mild pleasant odor and leaves no residue on the surface being cleaned. Interior car cleaner slime is friendly to your cars
  • 【Reusable】Car accessories for men and women is ideal for cleaning nooks and crannies. After use, just put the cleaning putty for car interior back in jar and keep in a cool place (below 104°F). Car jelly cleaner can be used multiple times till the color of the gel car cleaner turn to dark. 🚱Don’t wash the slime car cleaner with water
  • 【Multiple Uses】The car cleaning gel putty reusable can not only clean the car vents, dashboard, cup holder, shifter around, but also great for clean the computer keyboard, laptop, office desk. You can even used the car cleaning goo between the cracks of appliances

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