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Car Detailing Brushes Duster Cleaning Kits, Soft Hair Dashboard Air Vent Crevice Dusting Detail Cleaner Interior Accessories Tools for Car Decoration,Automotive,Truck,SUV,RV

  • ✅【Yellow Brush: 5 Main Features】The brush of yellow bristle have 5 features: Super-Soft, No Dead Corners, Easy to Use, Easy to Storage, No-Cleaning.It’s made of super soft hairs, 100% scratch-free when you clean the interior surfaces, various air-outlet, dashboard, it’s better than traditional air outlet brushes. Also you can use it for windows, keyboards and various narrow gaps or corners.
  • ✅【White bristle: Big / Long / Dense Super-Soft Cosmetic Brush】Scratch-free brush, it’s made of super soft cosmetic hair.100% scratch-free when you clean the interior surfaces,dashboard and more.It’s long and have more dense bristles than mini brush of yellow bristle.So it’s more effortless to use and more efficient for cleaning.
  • ✅【Red circle: Long Detailing Brush】The long detailing brush is both soft and straight. It’s better for cleaning light and heavy dust, breadcrumbs, food scraps, other small things or gaps that are not easily cleaned.
  • ✅【Green:2 in 1 Air Vent Brush】 2 in 1 duster brush can help you easy to clean the light and heavy dutster on air outlet. The Green-white fabrics have a very high efficiency in cleaning heavy pollution.The white bristles on the other end are stiff and can effectively clean out particles and small debris in the gaps.
  • ✅【Crevice Brush】The bristles of crevice brush is slightly hard and has narrow diameter, so it’s better for cleanling smaller gaps, such as the keyboard.

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