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8sanlione Car Rearview Mirror Wiper, Retractable Auto Glass Squeegee, Water Cleaner with Telescopic Long Rod, Portable Cleaning Tool for All Vehicles, Universal Automotive Accessories (Pink)

About this item

  • 【High-Quality Material】: The brush head is made of premium P natural rubber material which is soft and harmless to your mirrors. Soft rubber squeegee cleans water and fog on the mirror surface without scratches. A stratified gap on the brush head, helps you remove the dirt, dust and water smoothly.
  • 【Safety Driving】: The car rear-view mirror wiper could wipe the water quickly and is convenient to operate. It’s dangerous for a driver to get off the car to clean them in dark rainy days while our wiper enables you to finish cleaning without getting off, maintaining clearness in rainy or foggy weather as well.
  • 【Small and Portable】: With the size of only 9 inches long and its small size the brush saves the space in your car. It’s easy to store and carry. The wiper can be put at any places where the driver can see and grab such as storage box at passenger seat side, both left and right storage space of driver seat and windscreen shelf.
  • 【Scalable Design】: Scalable design for easy to clean both the left and right rear view mirrors. Its maximum length is up to 98cm (38.6 inches), so even when you are in the driver’s seat, you can easily scrape the water and fog off the rear-view mirror on the other side.
  • 【Layered Brush Head】: You will get a cleaner shave and better visibility with our retractable mirror wipers. A layered brush head removes water faster and more thorough than a towel. It can quickly remove water or fog from the rear-view mirror and leave no trace or scratch, very convenient and simple to use.

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