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Car Vacuum Cleaner Portable, Handheld Vacuum Cordless with Brushless Motor, Car Vacuum Portable Cordless with Hepa, Mini Vacuum Cleaner Type-C, Portable Vacuum for Car Office and Home

About this item

  • 【Brushless Motor】 Experience unrivaled cleaning efficiency with the SakerPlus Handheld Vacuum, featuring a cutting-edge brushless motor. Enjoy robust suction, extended battery life, whisper-quiet operation, compact portability, and enhanced durability—all in one sleek package!
  • 【Fine steel filter and HEPA filter】SakerPlus mini handheld vacuum cleaner is equipped with two different filters. The HEPA filter is washable and can be used for 2-3 months, and the upgraded version of the fine steel filter can be used again with a simple water wash for a longer service life.
  • 【Type-C Cable and Battery Indicator Light】Elevate your cleaning game with the SakerPlus Car Vacuum Wireless—equipped with a convenient Type-C charging cable. Stay in the know with charging and battery indicators, and enjoy dual adjustable modes for a customized cleaning experience.
  • 【Lightweight and Effortless Handling】SakerPlus mini vacuum cleaner boasts a compact form factor, making it easy to carry and maneuver, ensuring cleaning tasks are hassle-free. With its small footprint, SakerPlus hand held vacuum fits snugly into any storage space, whether it’s a closet, cupboard, or car trunk, keeping your living areas clutter-free.
  • 【Wide range of accessories and features】Unleash the full potential of SakerPlus portable vacuum, your go-to cleaning companion with an array of accessories and multifunctional features. From specialized attachments for diverse surfaces to user-friendly design, SakerPlus takes your cleaning routine to the next level!

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