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Hello everyone and welcome to our page. We are presenting you with the space of Advertising and  Service we offer for your Business.

Created on 26/3/2016,  Share Buy Now Is Free Multipurpose Marketplace Website  To Buy and Sell Everything From A to Z. We give you all the opportunity to become part of our site for free. “If you want full access to the website and unlimited Listing you have to pay a very low price”.

What space for Advertising  do we have:


  1. Baner in the Head of Every Category: There are 26 Categories (means your banner will be visible to all categories )and over 100+ subcategories.
  2. Premium Listing: In The Frontpage (Home Page) you have the possibility for 8 Premium posts. (ask support if space is free or not)
  3. News Post: You can write or describe your Business as news,  You have the possibility to write a blog post. You Can write a blog post as much as you want.
  4. To make a blog post (News) as a Sticky post then it will appear on the front page (Home Page). Only 3 Sticky posts will appear on Home Page, the other are in the blog post.
  5. On the Left and the Right side of Website: (note; The Banner will appear only in desktop mode and tablet it will be not visible on mobile). Banner will be visible on every page that a visitor visit.
  6. If you have a favorite place to add your banner, as support if it is possible to create a favorite space for you.

Note: We are advertising our website by paying Campaign 24/7. The number of visitors is getting higher.



  • Banner in the head of Every Category ( 26 categories): $200 Monthly
  • Premium Listing: $2 daily for listing 
  • News Post: $5 for a News post ( you post will be in the blog for 2 Month)
  • News Sticky post ( there are 3 sticky News post Available ):  $2 daily for a Sticky News Post
  • Left and Right Side:  $100 Monthly for Banner


We are more than happy to offer you:

  • Email Marketing (we do Email Marketing for every Business or Private)
  • Database for Email Marketing or Telemarketing ( We crate Database and collect  data around the world based on category and City you want: Name- Number-Website-City . “Example: Every wine company in Europe, Every Electric Installers in Portugal, Spain, Italy, UK, US, etc “
  • WebDesign And Developing (If you need an Website For your Company, Business or Private, dont hesitate to contact us, Best price and Service you have never seen)
  • Graphic Design (Logo, Banner, Presantation with latest Technology Adobe XD etcc.)
  • Digital Marketing (Advertising, Google AdWords, SEO )


Note: Don’t hesitate to contact support in order to avoid any error! Ask for Everything you want!